The general goals and objectives of the MAAD shall be to:

  • promote and protect the mutual interests of all members of MAAD.
  • provide social events for Deaf friends and their friends at MAAD tournaments and other activities.
  • institute, regulate and award the athletic championships within MAAD.
  • send all qualified teams to represent MAAD in all national tournaments.

The coordinating and controlling goals and objectives of the MAAD shall be to:

  • develop participation in local, regional, and national deaf athletic competitions and recreational events under the MAAD, USADB, and NSAD.
  • foster and improve athletic for the deaf throughout its region in accordance with the standards and under the bylaws and rules & regulations prescribed by the MAAD and USADB.
  • solicit funds to all championship teams participating in all national tournaments in accordance with MAAD Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.

The educational and development goals and objectives of the MAAD shall be to:

  • provide and serve all Deaf youths and adults with the highest ideals of recreational, cultural, educational, and athletic programs;
  • provide program for leadership development training and athletic training;
  • promote the establishment of MAAD Museum and Home Office.
  • to incorporate and to register for charitable purposes within the meeting of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code:The MAAD is incorporated in the State of Missouri, and is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

MAAD shall exercise the following powers:

  • Represent MAAD in all international, national, and regional athletic competitions.
  • Serve as the coordinating body for amateur athletic activity in the sport of Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball.
  • Exercise jurisdiction over regional amateur athletic activities and sanction regional amateur athletic competition held in the Midwest region.
  • Establish procedures for the determination of player eligibility standards for participation in regional competitions.
  • Designate the championship and/or invited teams to represent MAAD in national athletic competition in the sport of Basketball Softball and Volleyball.
  • Recommend the names of qualified MAAD individuals and/or teams to USADSF and/or USADB to represent United States in the any sport that can be held in Deaflymics, Deaf Pan American Games, and other international and national athletic competition