2019 Basketball Highlights...

Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf hosted the William N. Fraser Memorial 73rd Annual Men's & 32nd Annual Women's Basketball Tournament

Results: Men's | Women's
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Men's Results

Champion: Dakota Wolves
Runner-Up: Olathe Kings
Third Place: LAD Star City
Fourth Place: Faribault
Fifth Place: Midwest Ballers
Sixth Place: St. Louis Thunder

Most Valuable Player: Philip Schanielc from Dakota Wolves
Individual Sportsmanship: Travis Trumble from Midwest Ballers
Team Sportsmanship: Midwest Ballers
Top Average Scorer: Philip Schanielc from Dakota Wolves
Top Average Rebound Champion: Ryan Hastings from FDC
Top Average Assist Champion: Benjamin Lewis from FDC
Coach of the Tournament: Curt Barsness, Dakota Wolves
All Stars: Ryan Hastings, Alfred Wigley, Travis Trumble, William Bissel, Connor Henze, Ryan Johnson, Joshua Wilson, Gene Leonard, Curt Anderson, & Richie Pantophelt.

Women's Results

Champion: FDC Minnesota
Runner-Up: FDC MinnePaul
Third place: Iowa Storm

Most Valuable Player: Kali Frowick from FDC MinnePaul
Individual Sportsmanship: Jennifer Keaton from Iowa Storm
Team Sportsmanship: Iowa Storm
Top Average Scorer: Kali Frowick from FDC MinnePaul
Top Average Rebound Champion: Ronda Donatucci, FDC Minnesota
Top Average Assist Champion: Sabrina Hubmer from FDC Minnesota
Coach of the Tournament: Ronda Donatucci, FDC Minnesota
All Stars: Sabrina Hubmer, Angela Rissi, Tabitha Anderson, Jada Hart, Coach Rissi for Joceyln Miller, Brittany Widick, Kiley Peterson, Stevie Middlebrook, Ronda Donatucci.