MAAD History

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Founded in 1946 and formally incorporated in 1977 in Missouri, the Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf (MAAD) is a non-profit amateur sports organization that fosters charitable, benevolent, civic, cultural, educational, social, recreational, and athletic activities.


Operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, MAAD has a lasting existence and aims to promote sportsmanship, leadership, and social well-being through its competitive recreational sports programs. Committed to community outreach, MAAD organizes sports competitions, provides recreational opportunities, and engages in various outreach initiatives to support its mission.


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hall of fame

Annually, MAAD honors distinguished individuals with induction into the prestigious MAAD Hall of Fame. Eligible nominees, recognized for their ten or more years of dedicated service as players, coaches, managers, leaders, and/or officers, exemplify outstanding performance, unwavering integrity, commendable sportsmanship, remarkable character, and exceptional leadership qualities.


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1970 – 2019

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hall of fame records:

HOF Records


2020 – Present



lynda collicott

janice sayre-fowler

sarah smania


shirley corbett

rodney newell

edward scott thompson






melissa nix

thomas whitt



mary baker

scott nelson



doris heil

davey olson


heidi branch

steven hubmer



Patti Willming-housewright

jim buettner


sarah (sara) hempel-grossman

russ pudas


it will be announced at the 2025 maad basketball tournament!